DHS Table Tennis Racket R4002, Ping Pong Paddle, Table Tennis Racquets – Shakehand World Champion

Material: Quality Wood and Rubber Level: 4 Star Handle: Flared / Shakehand / Long Handle Blade Ply: 7 Ply Pure Wood Front Side Rubber: Red Hurricane III Pimples Reverse Side Rubber: Black G888 Pimples In (Rubber color might be reverse) Fitted Play: Loop with quick-attack Recommended features: 1.

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Killerspin JET300 Table Tennis Paddle

Product Description The Killerspin JET300 table tennis paddle is a model of performance and style. Constructed with 5 layers of premium wood and performance Killerspin rubbers, the JET300 table tennis racket provides precise control with increased power for players looking to satisfy their

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STIGA Flow Outdoor Table Tennis Racket

The STIGA Flow Outdoor Racket is a very durable racket specifically designed to be weather and shock resistant for both indoor and outdoor play. The Flow Racket allows you to play wherever the game may take you and is perfect for the recreational player. The hardness of the blade offers superior

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PowerthonTM Table Tennis Paddles – Set of 2 Recreational Table Tennis Paddles with 3 Table Tennis Balls

This PowerthonTM Table Tennis Paddle Set is a great recreational 2 Paddle, 3 Ball Table Tennis Set. These table tennis paddles are the classic hard bat variety. This model has the outward facing short pips (pimples) rubber paddle on 5 ply wood with NO sponge. You’ll be able to feel the ball and

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Cornilleau Tacteo 30 Weatherproof 4 Player Table Tennis Racket & Ball Set – Blue/White

This racket set includes four Tacteo 30 weatherproof rackets and six balls. This revolutionary line of rackets is weather resistant and durable, with an innovative design unequalled on the market. The racket also offers: protection against outdoor conditions and humidity; a surface that will not

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DHS Professional Quick-attack X Series Carbon Table Tennis Racket-shakehand

Double Happiness (DHS), official equipment supply for 27th, 28th, 29th 30th Olympic games, has its unique view point on the study of materials and formula, making technique, the mutual influence between table tennis and motor function.

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