DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Rubber (Black)

Equipped Play: Quick Attack/Loop Density: 2.15 mm ‘Powerful ‘NEO’ sponge and also Storm 3 rubber with unique glutinosity can develop high-speed and also secure arc, enhance hte racking up capability of gamers, NEO Cyclone 3 has a broadband as well as reduced quick loophole, changeful arc, solid spin. ‘

DHS Hurricane 8 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet-Ping Pong Rubber NEW

Product: Product: DHS Table Tennis Typhoon 8 Rubber Sheet Fitted play: Loop/quick-attack( Acne in) Density: 2.15/ 2.2 mm offered. Solidity: Hard Color styles: Black or Red offered Functions: Appropriate for quick-attack with loophole Ideal for quick-attack with loophole drive. Gone along with lots of gamers to win

DHS Hurricane-3 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet, Ping Pong Protective Rubber

Product: Storm III Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Version: 8DHS-AB05572 Fitted play: Control/ Loophole (Acne in) Density: 2.15/ 2.20 (mm) Solidity: 39, 40, 41 Shades: Red and also black Readily available Functions: Rate exceptional” Cyclone 3″ was developed for the gamers that primarily embrace control technique or have

DHS Table Tennis Racket A5006, Ping Pong Paddle Penhold

Version: 8DHS-AB05590 (#A 5006) Product: High quality Timber as well as Rubber Degree: SUPER STAR (5 Celebrity) Manage: Chinese Penhold/ Brief Deal with Blade Ply: 5 Ply Specialist Timber Front Side Rubber: Red Cyclone III Acne Backwards Side Rubber: Black Horizon T.G.II Acne In (shade possibly turned around) Fitted

DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle, Table Tennis Racket – Shakehand

Product: Top quality Timber as well as Rubber Degree: Hall of Popularity (X Celebrity) Take care of: Chinese Shakehand/ Long Manage Blade Ply: HURRICANE-II blade of 5 Ply Expert Timber Front Side Rubber: Red CYCLONE III Acne Backwards Side Rubber: Black G555 Acne In Fitted Play: All-Round Bundle: One noise

DHS Ping Pong Paddle A4006, Table Tennis Racket – Penhold

Design: 8DHS-AB05514 (#A 4006) Product: Top quality Timber and also Rubber Degree: All-Star (4 Celebrity) Deal with: Chinese Penhold/ Brief Take care of Blade Ply: 7 Ply Pure Timber Front Side Rubber: Red Typhoon III Acne Backwards Side Rubber: Black G888 Acne In (Rubber shade may be reverse) Fitted Play: Loophole