DHS Table Tennis Racket R4002, Ping Pong Paddle, Table Tennis Racquets – Shakehand World Champion

Material: Quality Wood and Rubber Level: 4 Star Handle: Flared / Shakehand / Long Handle Blade Ply: 7 Ply Pure Wood Front Side Rubber: Red Hurricane III Pimples Reverse Side Rubber: Black G888 Pimples In (Rubber color might be reverse) Fitted Play: Loop with quick-attack Recommended features: 1.

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DHS Professional Quick-attack X Series Carbon Table Tennis Racket-shakehand

Double Happiness (DHS), official equipment supply for 27th, 28th, 29th 30th Olympic games, has its unique view point on the study of materials and formula, making technique, the mutual influence between table tennis and motor function.

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DHS Hurricane 3 Neo Rubber (Black)

Equipped Play: Quick Attack/Loop Density: 2.15 mm ‘Powerful ‘NEO’ sponge and also Storm 3 rubber with unique glutinosity can develop high-speed and also secure arc, enhance hte racking up capability of gamers, NEO Cyclone 3 has a broadband as well as reduced quick loophole, changeful arc, solid spin. ‘

DHS Hurricane 8 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet-Ping Pong Rubber NEW

Product: Product: DHS Table Tennis Typhoon 8 Rubber Sheet Fitted play: Loop/quick-attack( Acne in) Density: 2.15/ 2.2 mm offered. Solidity: Hard Color styles: Black or Red offered Functions: Appropriate for quick-attack with loophole Ideal for quick-attack with loophole drive. Gone along with lots of gamers to win

DHS Hurricane-3 Table Tennis Rubber Sheet, Ping Pong Protective Rubber

Product: Storm III Table Tennis Rubber Sheet Version: 8DHS-AB05572 Fitted play: Control/ Loophole (Acne in) Density: 2.15/ 2.20 (mm) Solidity: 39, 40, 41 Shades: Red and also black Readily available Functions: Rate exceptional” Cyclone 3″ was developed for the gamers that primarily embrace control technique or have

DHS Table Tennis Racket A5006, Ping Pong Paddle Penhold

Version: 8DHS-AB05590 (#A 5006) Product: High quality Timber as well as Rubber Degree: SUPER STAR (5 Celebrity) Manage: Chinese Penhold/ Brief Deal with Blade Ply: 5 Ply Specialist Timber Front Side Rubber: Red Cyclone III Acne Backwards Side Rubber: Black Horizon T.G.II Acne In (shade possibly turned around) Fitted